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Real Estate Finance

Jennifer Hall


  • New York
  • 120 Broadway
  • 32nd Floor
  • New York, NY 10271
  • 212-238-3140

Jennifer Hall practices in the areas of commercial real estate finance, litigation and bankruptcy. Her litigation background includes representing real estate owners, developers and lenders in matters involving fraud, adverse possession, lender liability and priority disputes. She has litigated several claims covered under title insurance policies on behalf of seven national title underwriters and their insured lenders and fee owners, including in Bankruptcy Court. Her transactional experience includes serving as counsel to New York-based commercial title insurance agencies that have closed and insured several major new developments in New York City. Whether arguing in a courtroom or closing a transaction, Ms. Hall earns rewarding outcomes through meticulous preparation and staying focused under pressure.

Ms. Hall also provides continuing education courses to legal and real estate professionals on Title Insurance Claims, Foreclosures and Short Sales, Mechanics’ Liens and Building Loan Agreements, TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure and Equal Opportunity Housing. She helped draft proposed legislation pertaining to recording of land records and sale of tax liens in New York, while serving on the Law Committee of New York State Land Title Association.

Representative Matters

Successful representation of secured creditor in relief from automatic stay on expedited basis, and ultimate recovery of funds from attached accounts.

Representation of a national bank in commercial mortgage loan transactions.

Representation of California and New York-based commercial banks and the FDIC in creditor priority disputes, judgment enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy matters. Successfully argued motions for relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcies, including to proceed to final judgment based on prejudgment attachment orders issued by U.S. District Court.

Representation of California-based commercial banks and the FDIC in lender liability cases in state and federal courts. Achieved dismissals of Truth in Lending Act claims in litigations commenced in U.S. District Court.

Representation of New York-based commercial banks in Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Successfully defended an adversary proceeding to strip a second mortgage lien by expeditiously proving there was enough equity to secure it.

Representation of New York-based commercial banks, private lenders and owners in a variety of real estate litigations, including quiet title actions and contested foreclosures. Obtained orders denying stays of residential foreclosure actions based on borrowers’ noncompliance with loan modification terms.

Representation of a New York-based commercial bank and owner in a protracted quiet title action in which a prior owner sought to set aside an allegedly forged deed. Successfully pursued the case through appeal to reach a settlement favorable to the client.

Representation of an insured lender and owner in an action to set aside a foreclosure deed and sale. When a court vacated the foreclosure and ordered a referee sale, successfully obtained a stay pending appeal.

Representation of a national life insurance company in federal court interpleader actions. When there were disputes among claimants as to the beneficiary of life insurance proceeds, successfully pursued litigations on behalf of the insurance company as stakeholder in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Representation of Ohio-based companies in employment matters. Achieved the dismissal of a discrimination investigation conducted by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and successfully resolved a workers’ compensation claim.

Representation of an Ohio-based credit union in collection matters and matters involving customers’ privacy rights in connection with responding to subpoenas. Provided guidance on protocols for handling security breaches and pursuing remedies through the compliance process of credit card issuers.


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New York 2008
New Jersey 2007
Ohio 2011 (inactive and in good standing)
U.S. District Courts for the Eastern, Southern and Northern Districts of New York
U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey
Second Circuit Court of Appeals